The Secret To Eliminating Late Night Snacking

Late Night Eating

Written by Mark Patrick

The Secret To Eliminating Late Night Snacking


If you are struggling with late night eating check out the following

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Question – I am having trouble with late night cravings and seem

to be very hungry at night is there anything that can help?

Susie Minn. MN.


First off you need to understand we are conditioned to eat at

night since the day we were born. As a newborn we had a bottle

before we went to bed, and kids a snack, then as adults we are

told to not eat after 6 or 7 pm. This sound easy but almost never works!!!

Eating late night is not always a bad thing. Here are my 6

suggestions that will help you by using one or all of them.


1. Up daytime eating – Yes that’s correct. Many people take in <———————–

very low amounts or fiber or protein into their diet especially during the day.

Make sure your three main meals have atleast 30-35 grams of protein in them

(about the size of your fist) along with good amount of slower digesting carbs.

If you are eating a salad out ask for double chicken (or whatever protein you are eating).


2. Make better bad choices! If it’s salt your craving try getting <——————–

a 100% whole grain pretzel like Utz Pretzels add unsalted almonds

and walnuts in a bowl. (my favorite salty snack!)  by combining

all these snacks you bring down the GI rating (glycemic index)

very low limiting the spike in insulin and blood sugar!!


3. Check Your Emotional Temperature! It is easier to be healthier <——————-

when you feel good about yourself and your life! But at night,

when you’re worn out, sleepless and your mind is racing, it’s

hard to resist that chocolate cake in the fridge. If you’re

binging late-night because of stress or unhappiness, then you may

suffer from “emotional eating,” a tendency to use food as

comfort; this can pile on the pounds.


4. Finish day off with Protein Smoothie! Try adding low glycemic <——————-

fruits, greek yogurt, water and good tasting protein power to

blender and hit blend. Studies show adding protein right before

you go to bed helps provide necessary amino acids and building

blocks to repair worn out muscles and raise IGF levels (natural

human growth hormones) not to mention you will sleep like a baby

when doing this.


5. Get Sleep! Yes most carbohydrate and sugar craving are a <———————–

direct result of lack of sleep. Get atleast 6-7 hours a night

(easier said then done!)


6. Change your internal dialogue! That’s right the thoughts, <———————-

images and messages you send your brain may be hurting you

without you even knowing it. If your self-talk is reinforcing an

image of yourself as a couch potato, sugar addict, late night

food eater, junk fund junkie, etc etc. You will subconsciously

crave bad stuff and negative habits no matter what you do.  By

changing your internal view or “snap shot” of yourself you

create and attract behaviors in line with it all the time without

using willpower. (it is amazing how this works!) If you have trouble

doing this many times it can be accomplished while under hypnosis.

Mark Patrick

Hey there, my name is Mark Patrick. I've been a Hypnotherapist for over 21 years, a health contributor to Star Magazine, and a member of The National Guild of Hypnotists and International Association of Counselors & Therapists. On this site, I'm going to help you overcome your fears and achieve your goals by using easy, safe, and effective hypnosis.

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