The #1 Way To Stop Smoking (it’s not what you think!)

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Written by Mark Patrick

The #1 Way To Stop Smoking (it’s not what you think!)

If you’ve been to one of my seminars you have heard me talk about this.

The number one way to stop smoking is…


Nicotine gum…no

Prescription Meds…heck no!!

And the winner is…

Drum roll…

Heart Attack (well heart attack survivor!)

By the way don’t get stressed by this..

Keep reading (it gets better)

You will be surprised to know that a heart attack is the most effective way to get people to stop smoking. Heart patients who have survived a heart attack or some other type of cardiac disorder are most likely to stop smoking. This is the conclusion of over 34 separate studies in which approximately 4,553 smokers were interviewed.

A heart attack can be quite motivational in quitting smoking. However, it is not a realistic choice. After all, how many of us are sure of surviving a heart attack to get a second chance at life?

The most significant thing to be learned from these studies is that motivation is the most fundamental requirement if you want to stop smoking. Medication and nicotine replacement therapy do not work mainly because the motivational factor is completely missing.

So what’s the # 2 most effective way?

Glad you asked….

# 2 is hypnosis 🙂

The conclusion of 48 different studies that interviewed approximately 6,020 smokers is that hypnosis has the second highest quit rate after heart attacks. It is definitely better than waiting for a heart attack and betting on your chances to survive it.

Hypnosis works the best if you are motivated to stop smoking. It involves various methods such as relaxation, counseling, simple suggestions and complex imagery sequences.

Using hypnosis, the hypnotherapist puts the mind of the client in an altered state where the subconscious mind is more active than the conscious mind. The subconscious mind is more receptive to new ideas and thoughts as it doesn’t judge or edit them unlike the conscious mind.

In this state, when the client is told that he is a non-smoker and doesn’t need a cigarette it gets registered in his subconscious mind. When he regains consciousness, he believes what he was told in the altered state of mind and behaves accordingly. This is essentially how hypnosis works.

A multi session hypnosis therapy with a qualified hypnotist has a success rate of about 66%, whereas people who try to stop smoking on their own without any help are rarely successful. Less than 5% of these people manage to keep themselves away from cigarettes for more than a year. Most of them succumb to the urge in the first few weeks after quitting.

An analysis of over 400 studies involving over 72,000 people by the Journal of Applied Psychology revealed that even one hypnosis session was three times more effective than nicotine replacement therapy.

Can I hypnotize myself?


You actually go into hypnosis every night before you go to bed.

Here is how simple it is to do try visualizing yourself

For 21 -28 days in the scenes that you currently smoke…

Cup of coffee in the morning <—————————————-

Driving and smoking  <————————————————

Walking out of a building <——————————————-

Break at work <——————————————————–

Finishing a meal <—————————————————–

Cocktail or beer (if you drink) <————————————–

Picture yourself being in these scenes in control and image every time your in these scenes someone offers you a cigarette.

Simply imagine yourself putting your hand up like a “Stop Sign” saying “No Thank You…I’m a Non-Smoker” (then take nice deep breath) do this over and over and over again!

Remember repetition is the key…

For those of you who have trouble getting into this state on your own a trained hypnotherapist can teach you how to do this effectively while they hypnotize you.

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