7 No Weight Gain When You Stop Smoking Tips (must read!)

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Written by Mark Patrick

7 No Weight Gain When You Stop Smoking Tips (must read!)

Let me get right to the point today.

Some studies suggest the average weight gain after you stop smoking can be as high as 30lbs in the first 6 months.  (ugh!)

Maybe you have experienced this in the past or maybe this is one of those stumbling blocks that you run into every time you want to stop smoking.

No worries!!!

My goal today it to make sure you never say this again,

I stopped smoking (Now I’m gaining Weight!)

So let’s get into it…

Here are my 7 Super Easy No Weight Gain Tips.  (they flat out work!)

Eat a Breakfast Appetizer <————————————————

Smoking in the morning actually releases blood sugar into the blood stream (that’s why most smokers skip breakfast) this tricks your body to believing it just ate.  Easiest thing to do is replace a habit with a habit so try eating a couple of bites of something…maybe few grapes,  bite or two of banana  or something small (as you most likely have little or no appetite right now) preferably on the healthier side.  This will trick your body to start that metabolic cycle release blood sugar (similar to smoking did)  and most importantly give you energy (real energy!) which fights off sugar and refined carbohydrate cravings big time!

Don’t Skip Meals <————————————————-

Most smokers can go all day without eating.  Why? cause smoking is constantly releasing and burning up stored blood sugar for energy.   Healthy Non-Smokers (that’s you!) eat something every 3-4 hours.  This stabilizes blood sugar and keeps the body’s fat burning furnace working all day!!!

Find A Favorite Fruit Or Veggie <————————————————–

Simple most proven way to break a habit is to replace it with another habit (preferably a healthier one!) Eating more of your favorite fruit or veggie will provide nutrition your body needs as it starts to heal itself secondly it also helps by stabilizing your blood sugar levels. Stable blood sugar levels are so important to fight off sugar (and cigarette!) craving.  I actually do this for you during my hypnosis sessions.

Add Chromium To Your Diet <—————————————————-

Chromium is an essential mineral that plays a role in how insulin helps the body regulate blood sugar levels. Insulin is a hormone that your body uses to change sugar, starches, and other food into energy needed for daily life. There is some evidence that chromium supplements may help people with diabetes lower blood sugar levels. People with diabetes either do not make enough insulin or cannot properly use the insulin that their bodies make. As a result, glucose or sugar builds up in the bloodstream. It is estimates as many as 90% of American diets are low in chromium. Can I get it in foods? Yes but only in small amounts.

Drink Lots of Water <—————————–

On average, we lose 64-80 ounces of fluid a day. And because our bodies are mainly made up of water, we need to be constantly replenishing our internal water supply. Water also allows our metabolisms to work properly. Just think of water as oil, and your metabolism as a piece of machinery that needs constant filling up. In addition, water also regulates our internal temperature, maintains blood volume and improves fitness performance. By the time you get thirsty, your body has already lost precious fluid. If you happen to get bored of water, simply add lemons or fresh fruit.

Double Up On Protein At Meals  <—————————————

Why you ask? Protein fills you up! Most people do not realize your body can digest 30-35 grams of protein every 3-4 hours. (about size of 6 oz chicken breast).  In a recent weight loss study a group of both men and women followed a 31-day weight-loss program that contained either the recommended daily amount (RDA) of protein, twice the RDA, or three times the RDA. At the end of the study, everyone had lost about the same amount of weight. However, the people who doubled up on protein lost the most fat; it amounted to about 70 percent of their total weight loss.

 Substitute Slow Carbohydrates for Refined Carbohydrates <——

Although refined carbs are only four calories per gram (like all carbs), they cause an immediate rise in your blood sugar level. Unfortunately, this immediate “high” is followed by an even faster decrease of sugar in your blood stream, leaving you tired, weak and irritable. Slow carbs, on the other hand, are broken down a lot slower in your digestive system, creating a steadier but gradual blood sugar level increase. . Eat the skin and membranes of cleaned fruits and vegetables. Choose bran and whole grains bread over white or processed one. Eat high fiber cereals and whole grain bread daily. Eat less processed foods and more fresh ones. This process leaves you feeling energetic and fuller for a longer period of time.

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