Hypnosis Scripts: A Hypnotist’s Guide to Effective Scripts


Written by Mark Patrick

As hypnosis sessions are directed by someone who continuously suggests a wide variety of commands on a subject, hypnosis scripts are central to the whole process. Scripts can either be text or speech used to steer hypnosis sessions in the right direction.

Most experts believe that hypnosis scripts are highly similar to prayers, as both are designed to create an almost mystic trance. Syntax and diction are thus crucial in inducing a sleep-like state in a person. Ideally, the script should trigger the subconscious.

The other part of the equation is the quality of the voice of the hypnotist. Needless to say, it should be soothing enough to make people relax in almost reckless abandon. It is important to note that in the same way that hypnosis is used for reasons as mundane as recreation to as delicate as combating cancer, scripts need to be specific to the purpose they serve. You will find that each need has a particular script designed for it alone.

Before Reading

Take note that most professional hypnotherapists do not read from scripts; in fact, they look down on those who do, calling them readers and not hypnotherapists. On the other hand, some scripts actually include a guide to pre-session banter between the subject and the hypnotist.

Hypnotic Language

Aside from being compared to prayers, hypnotic scripts appear to constitute another language altogether. It requires a different timing and rhythm compared to how one would speak normally; the construction of sentences and word choice are also different. Some parts or words need to be explicitly emphasized, while some instructions need to be repeated extensively.

Use the Power of Words

Words need to be powerful and intensely visual. Descriptions should pepper the entire reading. This can also be case-specific. For instance, a hypnosis script to combat fear of flying needs to be descriptive using images of flight, airplanes, and far-flung destinations such as beaches, mountains, and famous landmarks.

To use another example, a hypnosis script targeting obesity will logically deal with descriptions of food and the sensation of feeling hungry. A script for this purpose will contain something like this: “Each time before you eat, you will check in with your stomach to make sure you are in fact hungry. Just look down to your left and ask your stomach if it is hungry. If the stomach is not hungry, you will not eat.”

Keep It Positive

An effective hypnosis script is always positive, similar to how hypnosis sessions ought to be always optimistic about the outcome. At the onset, it needs to reaffirm the subject’s belief in the process of hypnosis itself. For instance, it will repeatedly describe hypnosis as a “positive means” to attain a goal, a “great aid” in keeping the weight off, which will result in a “wonderful feeling of well-being.”

Go Beyond the Script

Ultimately however, the success or failure of a hypnosis script largely depends on a lot of external factors. Aside from the tone of the hypnotist’s voice, distractions need to be minimized during sessions and the subject needs to be in the most comfortable position available.

An effective hypnosis script can make or break a session, but overlooking the other factors may result in the session not commencing at all.

The Bottom Line

By the way, if script writing is not your strength, and for many people it is not, I suggest just buying some scripts and then tweaking them to fit your style of hypnosis. I remember in the early days investing hundreds of dollars in different scripts, taking little parts from each one and adding my own style of speaking. Before you know it you have a life changing session!

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