Hypnosis Does Not Work…What???


Written by Mark Patrick

I know you are super busy, so I wanted to share with you three shortfalls to hypnosis (there are some) and when it does not work!!!

1. Expecting It to Do the Work

Hypnosis is an awesome tool. But that’s what it is, a tool. Expecting it to change someone or stop someone from doing something they do not want to change in the first place will create very low or no success. Before using hypnosis, become laser focused on what it is you want to improve in your life.

2. Not Changing Your Unhealthy Self-talk

Hypnosis will get the weight off. Changing Self-Talk will keep it of permanently. If you have been on any of my emails, you hear me talk all the time about the thoughts and messages we tell ourselves that shapes our image and belief system. Remember, if you tell your brain a lie loud enough, and long enough, it will start to believe it.

Look at it this way; your brain would prefer to find things vs. lose things. Losing weight is actually painful to the brain. It’s better to find a healthier weight.

Giving up a sweet is a loss vs. affirming “you now crave healthier foods or snacks”.
I know this sounds simple, but it works.

3. One and Done

This is the worst thing to do, especially for weight loss. While hypnosis can work in one session (best for stop smoking that way since nature never wanted us to have that habit in the first place), for weight loss it is best using repetition. Remember, with weight loss you are dealing with almost 30 different behaviors, such as self-esteem, stress eating, boredom eating, motivation, and exercise, just to name a few.

The Bottom Line

It is almost impossible to do in one session. Remember, it takes us a lifetime to create a habit, so correcting it takes time too.

Our Recommendation

One of the most effective ways to visualize you making changes is through hypnosis. Yes, It Really Works! You may want to check out Wired For Weight Loss, a program I created a while ago that seems to be getting some great results. You can learn more about it at my website here.

Mark Patrick

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